Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lavender Crafts!

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I am not so great with gardening. So I'm very lucky to have a husband with a green thumb who indulges me when I say things like "I wonder if lavender would grow in our yard?" in a offhand way. He planted two of them last year, one on either side of the entrance to our shed. And then other than watering, we both just kinda let them do their thing. They've bloomed pretty well and make that little spot smell lovely.

Yesterday he came into the kitchen with an armful of cut flowers after deciding it was time to prune them. So now I have a great deal of yummy smelling flowers to make something crafty out of!

For my first trick I sorted all the stems (and picked out the bits of grass and other random plants) and bundled them up for drying.

Any of the ones that were too short or broken off I snipped right at the blooms and scattered them on a paper towel so those will dry out too and I can use them for sachets or potpourri.

I'll definitely be putting together a few sachets and giving them to friends (My sister-in-law's baby shower is coming up soon and I can certainly toss one in with her gifts for an nice little extra handmade touch) I'm also thinking of making myself a nice lavender eye pillow, they sound pretty darn simple from the online tutorials I've come across like this one from Make It Do

Anyone else have lavender crafts they suggest I try? Even if I don't get to all of them with this batch of flowers I do hope to have blooms in our yard for years to come.


  1. Wow. That's great that the lavender is thriving in your garden. I have no ideas of what to do with it though.

  2. Hi Elisa. :)

    Yeah... I like the scent but my past experience has only been making little sachets so I look forward to trying to make an eye pillow.

    I had a roommate in Seattle who made pretty little lavender wands to do the same drawer-freshening thing but I think I'd have needed slightly longer stems than what my man clipped things off to. I might also want to make some oil infusions tho' that's a bit more time consuming and complicated sounding than I think I want to tackle with this batch.