Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Astronauts and Aliens on my mind.

With all the attention my tinfoil hat has been getting over on the Etsy/Nasa Space Craft Contest, I got into the spirit over on Artfire too and put together a Space-Age collection of fun stuff.

You can check it out for yourself.

I'd add a photo but blogger is telling me image uploads are currently disabled for maintenance so you'll have to do the hard work of clicking the link.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Domino Jewelry is selling like hotcakes

My day job is working at a private high school... primarily a boarding school.  And I recently was able to convince the lovely ladies who run the school store to put out a small display with some of my jewelry.  I wasn't really sure what kind of response it would get from the students.

I started them out with a handful of my smaller, less expensive items.  Pretty much just an assortment of scrabble tile and domino pendants.  Well, in the couple of weeks since they first put out the display I've sold four things.  Which isn't a ton really, and they're only selling for $10 each, but it is incredibly gratifying to think I've tapped into some fun items that appeal to the hipster, fashion-concious teens who I see every day.

The most popular items are apparently everything I've made featuring the work of the very talented Doug Munson.  An artist in Chicago that I am lucky to have met on Flickr and was even luckier to meet in person last time I travelled through my old hometown.  He's been generous enough to let me use his quirky one-of-a-kind imagery on my pendants.  The comment I was given about his stuff specifically was "We really like the scary ones".  You should check out more of his awesome paintings here.  I've also realized that a couple of the kids are using the domino pendants not as necklaces, but added to their key chains instead.  I'm going to make a few with keyrings on them to start with and see if that's also popular.  Here's hoping I've found a new untapped source for sales.

And do keep an eye on my ArtFire shop for more of his work to appear on my jewelry.  I've just finished SIX new dominos from some more of Doug's paintings and plan on photographing them properly for use in listings tomorrow.