Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Broadway Baby!

I am thrilled that Spider Man Bring in the Dark finally had its official opening last night. Not just because I'm a theater geek, or because the saga of the technical problems the show was facing made it a fabulous train-wreck story to follow in the media... I am most excited because one of my close friends worked on the show and also designed the opening night gown for one of the producers. As such, she was able to design her own incredible outfit for the red carpet and asked me to design jewelry to go with it.

She built an amazing red dress and then hand-beaded a spider's web across it. She even made a masquerade mask to go with it. (And honestly, you'd be shocked at how quickly she was able to do it all... this woman has amazed me with her costuming talents and utterly shocked me more than once with her ability to invent beautiful clothes practically at the drop of a hat. But I digress.) So we talked through some design ideas and eventually settled on a Y shaped red-and-black design with gold accents that complemented the plunging neckline of her gown.

And she's just let me know that a photo of her wearing my necklace at the after party for the show is the FRONT PAGE IMAGE of's Spider Man coverage!! Click on the screenshot below to go to the site and see it full size, along with all the other great pics of what looks like a really fun evening of celebration.

I mean seriously, how cool is she? I'm really lucky to have such lovely and talented friends.


  1. Your work is famouse!! Congrats to you!! The necklace is BEAUTIFUL!!

  2. Thank you!!

    I worked really hard to make something that she would like and that fit well with the dress she'd worked so hard on making. I was thrilled that it all came together. And of course, over the moon that it got the extra exposure from the press at the event.