Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Baby Bird Update

Just wanted to post a quick update on the little cardinal chick that was such an adventure for me yesterday morning. He seems happy and healthy back home in his nest. Here's a new photo, almost as blurry as the last one but easier to decipher (And don't go judging my photo skills! You try taking a picture blind with your hand up a tree :)

And just to show I can in fact take less blurry photos of pretty birds... here is the proud papa cardinal who has been flitting about our yard all season.

UPDATE part two:

So, the little cardinal chick I've been helping out seems to be a little bit of a daredevil. This morning my dogs again discovered him sitting on the ground, tho' this time being hovered over by the mama bird. (He may have been down there for a while in the early morning hours.) Of course, Frankie went lunging after the protective, frantically flapping mama bird and he ended up with the little chick in his mouth... but he's got such an overbite that he doesn't seem to have done any real damage other than slobbering all over it.

I once again put on my trusty garden gloves and deposited the little fella back into the nest. And a few hours later he seems to be back to his old tricks... he's now hopping up onto the branches outside the nest probably thinking he's ready for another attempt at learning to fly. I hope he gets that part figured out soon!

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