Sunday, September 25, 2011

Giveaway on Fair Ivy!

If you don't know about Fair Ivy surprise package subscriptions I'm here to let you know that you are missing out! If you know someone who enjoys surprises and likes handmade items then you really need to check them out. The basics of how Fair Ivy works are that you purchase a "surprise box" (or better, a subscription for a box-of-the-month) and while you don't know exactly what will be inside that box, you can rest assured that at least some of the items will be lovely handmade pieces sure to brighten up your day. They have an array of box types so you can send one to a woman, a man, a teen/tween, or even a pet. I hope that they'll expand eventually to include a crafters box with fun assortments of surprise supplies (try to say that ten times fast)! Because that would be a box I would LOVE to have.

 Each month is a whole new group of items, so another new batch of handmade crafters and artists have supplied some of the surprises. All in all, I think it is a great gift idea, plus what's not to love about supporting more handmade artists? So, to show my support I have donated a piece to the Fair Ivy blog's "sprizes" giveaway!

So how do you enter to win this lovely necklace? Head on over to the Fair Ivy Blog and click on the "sprizes" link in the top toolbar, then just enter in your name and email. That's it!

 And you won't only be entered into the drawing for my piece, because what would be the fun surprise in that? You could be chosen to win one of the many donated items given to the site by folks like me who want to see this unique service succeed and grow.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Collection Time Again

My paper crafts generally take a back seat to my jewelry making, not because I enjoy the making of them any less really... but I tend to be more easily distracted by shiny beads than by pretty papers.

So it always makes me extra pleased when any of my cards or tags get noticed. It was lovely to come home today and find notification that I was included in this lovely Rainy Day Collection on