Friday, September 17, 2010

A quick thought about grammar

I've been known to be a grammar nazi.  I admit it.  I greatly value accuracy of language.  And proper spelling, oh boy do I love proper spelling.  I'm one of those people who will punch a word into Google to find out the right spelling if that horrible red underline show up in any program I'm using.  Yes, I'm that guy.

And I've noticed the more time I spend online browsing around Etsy and Artfire (and other sites too) the more I notice and am seriously annoyed by basic types of errors in descriptions.  I'm not talking about typos, we all are guilty of those from time to time.  I'm not even talking about forum posts where folks tend to type quickly and not proofread anything before hitting "post".

But when your listing description refers several times to the bride's "vail" on a cake topper it just makes me cringe.

I know there are people listing items for whom english is a second language, and I tend to be less critical if it appears from the profile or bio that someone's not a native speaker.  But there's plenty I've seen where a simple spell-check would pretty easily catch the mistake.  A few browsers will spell-check as you type (Firefox and Chrome at least) but there's plenty of reasons people use other ones, heck I use Safari most of the time.

I just would like to make a heartfelt plea for either of the marketplaces I'm using to implement a spell-check function into their listing process.  Please.  Think of the children!  Because where will they learn to spell if not from us.

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  1. Hahaha! Oh man. Maybe they are talking about Colorado?