Thursday, September 30, 2010

doing a happy dance

I'm having a lovely week.  My day job is driving me a bit bonkers, but tomorrow is Friday and my creative endeavors are keeping me sane and happy.

To start with, I now have 100 "active monthly users" on my facebook fan page.  I was thrilled to notice the 100th person and she left a nice little hello note when she found me from a forum post I'd left on Etsy.  So I came up with a prize for her.  I'm making a free domino pendant for her with a cute puppy graphic on it (which she requested for her daughter) and I'll be excited to see what she thinks when I finish it and send it off.

And on top of that goodness, I made another sale on ArtFire.  I'm still always so amazed when total strangers buy my items.  I mean, I've purchased things myself from other artists on Etsy and elsewhere, so I don't know why it seems so very strange to be on the other end.  But I sincerely hope it never stops feeling like such a wonderful validation of my work.

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